GREEK WEEK! 04/22/2009

Hey everybody!

As most of you know this week is Greek Week here at Westmister College. Greek Week is an event filled week where all Fraternities and Sororities compete to become #1! There are many event such as; volleyball, climbing wall, eating contest, 3 on 3 basketball, etc... On saturday there is a Sing N' Swing competition where fraternities and sororites dance and sing to music picked by the chapters to become the #1 dancers and singers! It is a very entertaining event in which I invite all of you to come witness! It takes place in Orr Auditorium on Saturday, April 25 at 8 PM.

Thanks and good luck to all Greeks!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On March 28, 2009 we will be having our formal at Tiffany's in Brookfield, OH from 8-12! A new tradition is going to take place at the formal this year. We have asked our pledges to think of who they want there Fraternity dads to be, and to make their paddle over spring break. During the formal the pledges are going to personally announce their fathers and present them with their paddles. The Sigma Nu formal is always a blast with great food and drinks, so ladies, better charm some snakes to get a date!

Also I want to thank Rich Z. for helping with the formal year in and year out! As he explains in his comments he always gets us a good deal and always makes the place look good. From all the brothers at the snake pit, Thanks RICH!!



Hey everybody, just trying to keep you updated on whats going on out here at the snakepit. As you all know fraternities aren't just for throwing parties, we help out the community also. This April, we will be working with PennDOTT by participating in the Great PA Clean Up! We currently have 30 brothers signed up for the event on April 25, 2009. Our stretch of highway is on I-80 mile marker 8-9 going east and mile marker 9-8 going west, if your not busy on April 25 take a ride out and see the brothers of sigma doing something great for the community! If you are interested in the Great PA clean up visit their website at:


Hello and welcome everybody, to the new Sigma Nu Epsilon Psi blog. Here we plan on updating you on any social event, philanthropy event, community service project, or just crazy news from the snake pit. We really encourage everybody to keep up with the site for up-to-date info! Thanks everybody for supporting sigma nu... The new nu!

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